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Brief History
JSC "Gomel poultry plant"

The beginning of operation of JSC "Gomel poultry plant" is - December 30, 1971 when the boiler was started the work. February 29, 1972 laid the first batch of eggs for incubation. In April of 1972 is loaded first aviary for rearing breeding laying hens.

In 1972 he founded RSPUP "Navabelitski Poultry"
In September, planted the first batch of laying hens for the production of edible egg. In 1974 was created by Gomel Poultry Association, which included eight poultry farms, including and Gomel poultry plant.

In 2002 JSC "Gomel poultry plant," strengthened by accession to the CSEA "Navabelitski."

In 2003 RSPUP "Navabelitski Poultry» reargonizovana by acceding to RSPUP "Gomel poultry plant."

In 2004 RSPUP "Gomel poultry plant," transformed into JSC "Gomel poultry plant."

By order of the Ministry of Economy and Development of a co-operative integration structures, by order of the Board of Agriculture and Food Ministry of 26.09.2008 № 62 and the decision of Gomel Regional Executive Committee from 04.12.2008, № 344 in July 2009 to the JSC "Gomel poultry plant "attached agricultural enterprise SEC" Bobovichi. "

Availability of agricultural land - 7395 ha, including arable land - 4076 ha of arable land mark - 23.4. There is a bird, just head -950 000 of them laying hens - 550 000. The presence of cattle - 1935 goal., Including cows - 826 goals
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