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About the company

JSC "Gomel poultry plant" is one of the largest companies in the country for the production of eggs with a closed production cycle. Power companies allow eggs and products of its processing of Gomel and Gomel region by 100%.

Main activities of enterprise
• production of eggs;

  • Cultivation of rearing laying hens;

• production of hatching eggs;
• Production of poultry meat and semi-finished products of them;
• production of egg powder,.

  • Production of milk;

• production of grain.

The main market of products of JSC «Gomel poultry plant" is the market of the Republic of Belarus (mostly Gomel and Gomel region). In the Gomel region implemented 80% of eggs, 80% of poultry meat and 85% of egg powder produced at the poultry farm.

In 2010 the company sold on the export of 32 million eggs - 19.8%
Countries in which JSC "Gomel poultry plant" sells the agricultural products is the Russian Federation, Moldova, Kazakhstan.

The company has a branch of the House "Milcha", which has seven stores, 14 pavilions, six retail locations in the markets and five cars to exit trade. The geography of trade is constantly growing.
Poultry - high power plant, which has 28 tys.l.s. generating capacity. Motor and tractor fleet of 70 units of cars and 34 tractors of all brands. In an average year and about 7 million kW / h of electricity, 5 million cubic meters. natural gas, 300 tons of gasoline, 500 tons of diesel fuel.

At present, the industrial enterprises are the main areas of shop:

 • workshop on manufacture of industrial eggs;
 • workshop for the content of parent stock;
 • hatchery

• Shop proipererabotki

• Shop-depth processing of eggs;
 • Milk production workshop

  • workshop on the cultivation of young cattle

 • Crop Shop


The company is engaged in cultivation of rearing laying hens, and a hatchery for breeding chickens. There are two chicken houses for the content of breeder hens and 20 poultry flocks for the content of commercial laying hens, two yaytsesklada for sorting and storing eggs, slaughterhouse, and industrial processing plant, plant for the production of egg powder. To meet the industrial and social needs, there are two boilers fueled by natural gas. All production facilities are equipped with rest rooms and showers.

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